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i cant find all five shrooms anyone know where they are

el quinto hongo esta debajo de una piedra al lado de la chica que quiere hacer una tarta

how do you get past the plant


how to scare elves under tree?

amazing game, just waiting for future updates

Nice that was a fun, quick little game. :) Hope to see you release more soon!

where is the reaping hook?


You have to make it, their is a hook near the orcs den and the stick that fell

Will there be a mobile port anytime soon?

oh they are coming back to it, i really want to see more, it is a really good concept


ok I got all the items did each small quest but after I don't know what do with elvine juices. Sorry I miss spelled it.  


is the reaping hook the crobar becuase when i try to use it on the witches thing it doenst work where is the crowbar

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This game was so good, I hope it comes out on Steam too

please add even in early access

This is such a fun game. I've been enjoying playing this game the past few days, and the art style is great. Even my boyfriend liked the design of the pig orc hehe. I can't wait for the next chapters!!

i need to get the key from the woman standing in front of the tavern, however, she asks for food and i don't know how to get that

i got the witch's quest done, i need to find 3 apples and i have 2/3 coins, i have no idea how to get the last one

i got the gift done as well and thats about all i did

i dont get how to get the final coin, the two apples or how to feed the girl for the key, but i did get a spider

anyone can help?

Give the flower (from the pot near the preist)to the lady under the ancient tree

wheres the priest

at the beginning, shes the one that gives you the quest

please Update!


i cannot find the 5th mushroom anywhere, is it bugged?

its under a rock, (the small one, you need to move it to reavel the mushroom)


how do i get the orc in front of the witches place to leave? i cant get the bee hive to fall down.


you have to click on the wookpecker, it will change locations until it goes to the forest and knocks the beehive dow


how do i get the orc in front of the witches place to leave? i cant get the bee hive to fall down.


keep clicking on the woodpecker until it knocks down the beehive


how do I get the last thing in the gallery, its in the bottom left corner

You have to go to the area with the mouse and the balls dangling off of the trees and click on them in a specific order, just trial and error it until you get them to stay lit up and it unlocks a secret area

Very nice game, graphics are very nice, playstyle is simple and unique. Keep up the good work


what do i do after all the orcs come into the village



can someone say to me what i needed to give as a gift for the elf bc i don't remember

a flower


i don't find the last mushroom

there's one under a rock so grab and move to the side and you'll find it, also the rock has some smallred mushrooms around it


and i don't know why i need the spider :\

the spider is to scare someone i might be wrong since it was short so if im wrong just check the guide in the discord they have

you scare the elves kissing by the sacred tree


How do I unlock the third scene in the gallery? It's the only one I'm missing.

my webbrowser forbids me from downloading this for some reaso

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I love the game, can't wait for new chapters to be released, keep up the good work


Overall: 7/10

Story: 10/10 very in-depth.

Graphics: 8/10 very stylized.

Action : 5/10 could have been better.

P.S: Loved eating the mushrooms.

this is terrific! i would love and cant wait for more


i just got the crowbar and im so lost on what to do 


How did you get the crowbar?


the back room in the taver


you need the crowbar for when you go back to the witch's den


Love the new gallary!

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Well, this is surprisingly wholesome. I like the mischievous vibe the main heroine gives.


how to make the seed to nut


squeeze it with force


how do i get the crowbar


merry christmas update


Would be much better if the MC could beatbox as a little thing to play with


Love the work. keep it up


Keep up the good work :)


Is this game available for androids


where is the branch on the tree?

you need to get the squirrel to help you get the branch

how can i save the game? when i press the "save/load" thing on the top middle part of the screen it does nothing


me too,it bothers

i don't think its coded in yet, it may just be a placeholder until the game is finished

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