You play as a purple elf in a magical forest, have fun!


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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(330 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, Adult, Erotic, Fantasy, Hentai, NSFW, Point & Click, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityOne button


Tales of the Moon 57 MB

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Extract and run.

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Howdy! Just wanted to express my love for this game, and my hopes of there being further updates in the future! The art style and the scenes are all top notch, and I'd love to see this game in its completed state! ;3

I had get these two keystone , but how to use them?


cant wait for up date keep it up 





im hoping they continue this game aswell hopefully soon

where is the fifth mushroom?I cant move the rock

This is great, looking forward to the next update.

im at where the woodpecker is next to the wolf trap how tf do i get the woodpecke


and wtf is the strange plug for

just get close to the net without touching i

How do I get the shear?


finna dead


looks like the game died rip


Is there any other updates to this


what does the girl need to find? where is it?


Love the art style. Nice game.


Is this game still being updated?

saddle no i don't think so

How do I put the orc to sleep, who is drunk in front of a cage?

you know the plant that makes you fall asleep ?

yea use that on the beer and it should fall asleep 

(it may be wrong i finished this game a few months ago)


i think its bugged. i cant foward sleep plant after i sheer it. i tried to past it i get sleep. 


Really hope you're still working on this, love this game!


i am stuck at the curious bush and the bird, what should i do?

click the berries that light up

Your game is faaaabulous, design are perfect, i love how you have to trap your friends one by one ..., this is so sadistic (Like the one watching you taken before to be punished herself ahah, or the one stucked in the window... :D She deserve it :P) I am just a little disappointed about the witch cause you just have to find her not to trap her ... and it was my favorite i imagined i was her ... waiting to see when and how the heroes push me in hell and what would be my fate when i got caught :P


I've already got the shrooms but how do I get the herbs??? I can' figure out where to find them, I've clicked just about everything!


I hope this game is being updated still! It's great!

How do I give items? I'm on a pc

NVM i finished game :)))))

what is the water for?

nvm i did it

but what is the water for?


In order to pass the Goblins in the Orc Camp, you must extinguish the fire they sit by. But be warned... what awaits you past the Goblins is a sight to behold...

¿Cómo pongo a dormir al orco, que está borracho frente a una jaula ?

whats the water for


how do you get the water?


Are you in the near future I ever going to put this on Android


stuck on find the wood pecker part...


where are the


I agree, where are the?


Did you find out where the are?


Need the Rest of the story please ! ( The charadesign is perfect ! Love your game ! )

(1 edit) (+1)

I love this art. When the next update 0.08??? I can't wait  to play it really 


Is passing the plant possible? and What do I mix in the elven beer to knock out the orc?


You need to mix the plant with the elven beer. To do that, cut off the plant with the shears. 

To get the shears, first, go to the Minotaur area, then go through the wooden gate in the background, it should get you to the area with the feather girl. There are shears to the right of where you "spawn".


where is the plant?

Where are the herbs


where are the elfs? already got one stone but cant find the other stones/elfs

(1 edit) (-1)

There is an elf sleeping on a bench after you go through the sleeping plant part. The other elf is in a cage in the orcs' camp


Amazing art style and animation. Very nice music. Surprisingly nice and interesting story!

It was a lot of fun to accidentally notice something change in the forest while I wasn't there - like that tavern window. Would be nice to see more of those changes as well as some minor ones here and there happening along with quests progress. Also some hidden secrets in such a game would be a fantastic addition.

Would love to see different zoom options and animations along with images in the gallery.

Thanks for another great update!


Yes! your back!


looks like a decent small fap game ill keep an eye to it as well. hm wonder if they are gonna add a few more pupper senes...

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